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The EcoKiosk by Bizarreka Design

With current economic scenario and climate change issues, Bizarreka Design introduced the new design for street kiosk - The EcoKiosk.

This is the new 'green approached' design and solution by using the current green technology and applying the current green method into this kiosk.

The Ecokiosk would become the solution and one of the most cost effective on operational and generating a good revenue on operators’ business and yet would benefit the world on preventing the current green issues.

Solar Energy Source
The solar panels (Photovoltaic Madules)will absord the sun energy during the daytime and store it in internal re-chargeable battery inside the kiosk. The energy stored can be used up to 10 hours a day for night operation. The whole idea is to reduce the usage of electricity by utilise the available natural resource.

Natural Heating,Air & Light Solution
The louvres top roof are the solution for internal heating and natural air ventilation and yet become a natural light source for this kiosk while working inside.

Recyclable Materials
Ecokiosk incorporates a high quality design with durable, and recyclable materials for outdoor weather.

Reduce C02
The planter box in both sides of this kiosk are the concept for the green design which is the green plants itself is an agent for absorbing the C02 and yet become an element on enhancing the overall
aestheticsis forms and structure of the kiosk.

Reuse Water
Guttter and Downspout System designed to be able to collect the rain water and store it inside tank underneath the roof. The water can be used for planting and tap water inside the kiosk for washing.

Tourism Malaysia Office in France

First impressions are lasting impressions. They affect the relationships with the customers. Neat, Conceptual and Beauty Office may be needed to impress or to present the business as a place where professionals work with pride.

In order to that, Tourism Malaysia in France has moved a step forward to renovate and redesign the entire ground floor office to make visitor’s first glimpse while passing their front door and yet they are confidently can presenting and promoting Malaysia as the best ‘Eco-Tourism Destination’ in the world.

“Nature and Heritage”, those are the major concepts that have been chosen to design the interior office for Tourism Malaysia in Paris.


Interior Designer : Bizarreka (UK) Ltd, London, UK
Local Builder : Chauffage Maintenance Climatisation (CMC), France
Wood Carver: Seni Ukir Bakawali,Norhaiza Nordin, Terengganu, Malaysia